Yearbook Annual Report Information

February, 2017


It is once again Yearbook Time for all of our UCC churches!  The links below in blue

contain the proper instructions and forms to begin working on your church's

yearbook reports.  If you are not the person who completes the forms, please

share this information with the correct individual (usually the church

administrator/secretary, pastor or treasurer) as soon as possible.   



Yearbook Instructions:

1.  Before filling out your forms, please print and read the Church Instructions.  This document will answer many questions and hopefully assist you in the process.  It is also suggested to begin working on your reports sooner rather than later.  This will give you a time buffer in case you run into issues with completing your paperwork and submitting the information.  The deadline dates given below are set by Cleveland - extensions or grace periods cannot be granted by our Conference.  


2.  If you wish our Conference to enter your yearbook information into National's data hub, complete the Local Church Report and Ministerial Support Form and submit to our MMSUCC conference office via snail mail, email or fax no later than March 18, 2017.


3.  If you plan to enter your church yearbook information directly into National's data hub, the deadline is March 8, 2017.  Again, please read the Church Instructions for assistance.  We strongly encourage each church to enter their own yearbook statistics via the data hub. 


Read information below PRIOR to logging in 

Key points to login:

  • Your church username is a 6 digit number which includes our Conference church number and your individual church ID#.  More explanation immediately below! 

  • Our Conference church number is 38, so this is the leading numbers for all of your usernames. 

  • Then, you add your own individual church ID# behind the Conference number.  Your individual church ID# should have been on former national communications.  One little trick here is that your number may be only 2 or 3 digits.  If so, place leading zeros in front of your individual number. 

  • Example:  if your church number was "10", then the username would be 380010 (you would have to add 2 leading zeros).

  • If you do not know your individual church ID#, please email for this information.





Data Hub Login -

Yearbook -

All the information CARD is providing for church use are posted here. This website contains video tutorials and information sheets to assist your churches in using the Data  Hub to submit their annual data. "Church Yearbook Instructions" and "Annual Yearbook Reporting: Definitions Tip Sheet for Local Churches" are posted on this website as well.

Data Hub Resources Page - 

This website contains a variety of video tutorials and information sheets for using the Data Hub.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact Kris Scott directly at 314-918-2605 or - please do not contact Cleveland.  Thank you in advance for providing timely and accurate data for the upcoming UCC Yearbook!


Church Instructions

Local Church Report

Ministerial Support Form