Virtual sunday school!

Our Sunday School playlist is embedded below. You can choose any video in the playlist by clicking on the 1/12 icon, and then select which video you'd like to use. Blessings!

Greetings! Welcome to our virtual children’s Sunday School videos! We are so grateful for you!  In the midst of this difficult moment, churches in the Missouri Mid-South Conference have created these weekly videos for children and families as a sign of God’s love for you!  We give thanks for the Indiana-Kentucky Conference, who created this curriculum and invited us to use it in these videos.


We wanted to celebrate God’s love for our children and their rainbow of feelings. Therefore, each video celebrates a specific feeling with a psalm to read and pray together.

God Loves Us When We Feel Surprised or Curious                            Psalm 8                            St. John’s Evangelical, UCC, Mehlville     

God Loves Us When We Feel Sad                                                          Psalm 6:6-9                      St. Peter’s, UCC, Ferguson                       

God Loves Us When We Feel Afraid/scared                                         Psalm 55:5-8                    St. John, UCC, St. Clair            

God Loves Us When We Feel Grateful                                                  Psalm 9:1                          Emanuel, UCC, Jackson                       

God Loves Us When We Feel Lonely                                                     Psalm 102:6-7                  Trinity, UCC, Lexington            

God Loves Us When We Feel Guilty                                                      Psalm 25:1-10                  Grace, UCC, O’Fallon               

God Loves Us When We Feel Glad, Happy, Joyful                               Psalm 16:9                        Bethany-Peace, UCC, St. Louis   

God Loves Us When We Feel Angry                                                      Psalm 140:6-13                Zion, UCC, Troy                                   

God Loves Us When We Feel Frustrated, Discouraged, Impatient  Psalm 13:1-6                     Christ the King, UCC, Florissant 

God Loves Us When We Feel Calm or Peaceful                                  Psalm 3:1-6                       Salem, UCC, Higginsville                       

God Loves Us When We Feel More than one emotion at once       Psalm 126:1-6                   Mt. Tabor/Grace, UCC,  St. Louis   

Each video has a Bible story lesson, a craft, and music. You are invited to use as much or as little of these videos as you need. May God’s love be with your children and families as you engage with these videos! Blessings.

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