2019 General Synod Delegate Summary:

Tim Fairley

My resolution was number 14 and was titled “Following Jesus” which on first glance might seem odd for a church to want to pass a resolution on but after we heard the reasoning behind the resolution it made sense to support it. The resolution was written in response to how much our current social and political climate is very like the days when Jesus walked this earth. His struggles with the systems of powers and how they affected the people who were struggling at the time gave us an example of how we too might be wise to follow in our Savior’s footsteps.


The resolution also asked us to be open for people of other faith walks to be able to walk with our congregations to follow Jesus without any pressure to join the church as a member but for us to be faithful walking together so we could learn together. The resolution passed with ease and we need to keep in mind going forward that adding to membership rolls isn’t near as important as whom we are to follow. 

Summary of General Synod experience  

This was my first Synod and it was an eye opening experience. Even though I got sick my first day there it was amazing to see not only the beauty of the city, but the beauty of the people who make up the United Church of Christ. There was a lot of learning about the resolutions and how they came to be in front of us for a vote. 


As a church who wants to all to be heard the moderators had a difficult time making sure that all voices were included. There were moments of heartbreak and hurt when someone stood to make their case as to why a resolution should be opposed to or lobbied for but there were also times when God moved in such way that it brought joy to the heart. There were times when the discussions were so intense that we needed leaders to stand and offer prayer while we processed the work we were there to do.  


It has already been a couple of weeks since I have returned and I am still processing all I saw and learned about how the church functions on the national level. But if you ever get the chance to attend (next one is in Kansas City) go and see. It is an amazing experience. 

Willingness to speak to churches

Yes I am willing, but am pretty busy on Sundays. 

Find all resolutions in their final form at http://ucceverywhere.org/synod/.

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