St. Louis Association Pulpit Supply Preachers

Pulpit Supply Preachers

This list is to help churches find a preacher to fill in for a Sunday or two. We have included people we believe are capable preachers, but they may not all be authorized to perform the sacraments (for example, some of these people are MIDs or lay ministers).


Pastors on this list represent a wide variety of theological perspectives and preaching styles. Congregations seeking a supply preacher may wish to discuss their expectations with candidates before inviting them to preach.


These lists are maintained by the Association Committees on Ministry, and ministers who want to be included should contact the COM Chairs for their Association.

If your church needs a preacher to cover for a longer period of time, please contact: 


       Rev. Damien Lake

       Associate Conference Minister


Pulpit Supply Preachers:


Mary Albert

2858 Missouri Avenue, St. Louis MO 63118;; cell: 314-707-9091

UCC, St. Louis Association, retired.  Available within 50 miles of St. Louis.  Leading worship and preaching are tasks of ministry which I enjoy, and I have missed them in retirement.  When I have had opportunities to substitute, it has been spiritually enriching for me, and hopefully for the congregation too.  I find fulfillment in the sermon preparation process, and I love connecting with congregations. 

David Arndt

2905 Hillsdale Avenue, Brentwood, 63144;; cell: 314-503-2240

UCC, St. Louis Association, retired, within 50 miles of Eden Seminary, Boundary Training 5/19/16. "To help congregations where the settled pastor is temporarily absent, to meet friends I haven't met yet, to practice my profession, at least some."

Dorothy M. Gannon

2910 Lemp Avenue, St. Louis, 63118;; cell: (text only) 314-471-6715, other: 314-776-4483

UCC, St. Louis Association MMSCUCC; active, chaplain, Bethesda Hospice Care; St. Louis Metro area; Boundary Training 10/16.  "I enjoy leading worship and it is not a weekly part of my ministry so I am pleased to preach occasionally at my home church and in other churches.  I also appreciate opportunities to make more connections with other congregations in the association."

Allen Grothe

7343 S. Yorkshire Drive, St. Louis, 63123;; cell: 440-371-1885; other: 314-270-8528

UCC, MMSCUCC, retired, St. Louis Association area, Boundary Training 10/2020, Antiracism Training 8/2020-12/2020 (20 hour program).  "I thoroughly enjoy preaching and believe one of my strengths is connecting Scriptural affirmations with the challenges and celebrations of daily life, both on a personal and a social level  I have had very positive experiences with regard to substitute preaching (and the sharing of Children's Moments) in the past, which have resulted in invitations to return to various churches."

Katherine Hawker-Self

927 Maryville Avenue, St. Louis, 63112;; cell: 314-566-9713

UCC, MMSCUCC, retired, St. Louis Association area, Boundary Training 7/2018. "After 23 years in parish ministry, I spent five years teaching in public schools by day and learning to pray with my feet at night. During these years of differently active ministry, my view was radically expanded and my commitment deepened. My own spiritual yearnings lead me to weekly prayerful reflections on the texts exploring the ways in which the texts intersect with the world in which we find ourselves. My intention is to be of service by supporting communities in the work of making meaning, specifically as they gather on Sunday mornings to read together the texts that we call sacred."

Matthew Helis

8160 Flinstone Train, St. Louis MO 63123;; cell: 314-303-0745

Current MID St. Louis Association, interested in doing pulpit supply in the St. Louis area.

Mary Lin Hudson

1944 Higbee Avenue, Memphis,TN 38104;; cell: 901-489-8697; work: 901-334-5851

Active, seminary professor of preaching and worship , Boundary Training October 2019 – Memphis, TN. I have much knowledge and affection for preaching, but very few opportunities to share those gifts with the church.  I want to be available to churches that need a preacher.   

Zipporah Lee (Rebecca Mularski)

3400A Cherokee Street, Saint Louis, MO 63118;; cell: 419-961-3164. Member in Discernment, Seminary Graduate, Approved for Ordination Pending Call. Will to preach in all portions of the St. Louis Association.

Guangyu Lou; 636-515-5397. I am seeking a call at this moment, so my time on Sunday is flexible. I would like to preach in the churches to share the God’s words with different congregation and people. It is important to approach biblical interpretation by taking both the scriptures and today’s context into consideration. I attempt to build a bridge between the message of the scripture and the people to whom I am speaking who live in different cultures and traditions. When we hear God still speaking to us, the preacher’s task is to facilitate the encounter of the scripture with real human issues to produce a dialogue, to enable faith and deeds to come together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to understand God’s revelation for us through the message of the scripture.

Nichole Torbitzky

3309 LeChateaux Drive, St. Charles MO 63301;; cell: 636-399-1052; UCC, St. Louis Association.  I want to help clergy who need supply while they are away, to help churches who may need pulpit supply while they look for an interim/called pastor, and to respond to my call to reach out with the good news. enjoy leading worship and preaching occasionally at my home church and in other churches as this is not part of my weekly ministry setting.  I also enjoy the opportunity of worshiping in other UCC churches and getting to know people in these churches as part of the wider church connection.  I am available for serving churches within 75 miles of St. Charles, MO.

Kathy Porter

705 Stewart Street, DeSoto, Mo.; cell: 314-630-6332; home: 636-337-0711;

UCC, St. Louis Association. "I enjoy leading worship and preaching occasionally at my home church and in other churches as this is not part of my weekly ministry setting.  I also enjoy the opportunity of worshiping in other UCC churches and getting to know people in these churches as part of the wider church connection.

Donna Pupillo

1275 Swan Drive, Florissant, MO, 63031;; cell: 314-324-3061; office: 314-395-4655; 

UCC, St. Louis Association, active, St. Louis area, Boundary Training 2017. "I love to lead worship and preach. I find being in the worship leadership role one that is nurturing not only for the gathered community but for myself as well. By doing substitute preaching, I am able to utilize those gifts that my current position at Deaconess does not use". 

Albert Schon

5329 Lode Avenue, St. Louis, 63123; 314-363-8908

UCC, St. Louis Association, retired.  "Meeting new people and congregations is always a pleasure for me and gives me a way to continue to serve the church."