I was part of Resolution #5A & #5B. Resolution 5A stated: that the Thirty Second General Synod encourages Conferences, Associations, Congregations, CHHSM Agencies and individuals to avoid the use of plastic foam in food packaging and other activities within their church and church-related facilities, also, that the Thirty Second General Synod encourages Conferences, Associations, and Congregations, and CHHSM Agencies to educate their members about plastic foam and that  they encourage the use of alternatives such as paper products or, better yet, ceramic or other dishwasher-safe products. This resolution was APPROVED. 


Resolution 5B stated: that the Thirty-Second General Synod of the United Church of Christ  expresses its clear support for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019, H. R. 763; also, that the Thirty-Second General Synod encourages all settings of the United  Church of Christ to seek ways to learn more about climate change and solutions; also, that the Thirty-Second General Synod encourages the national setting of the United Church of Christ make available resources to learn about and engage with people of other faiths on climate change;  and that the Thirty-Second General Synod encourages members and settings of  the United Church of Christ to speak out for energy innovations and conservation to reduce climate change. This resolution was APPROVED. 

Summary of my General Synod experience

I was interested in the workings of resolutions, delegate responsibility and the working at the national level. I enjoyed the various conversations that I had with delegates from other Conferences: a woman from the New Hampshire-that I helped with her tablet, Pam, from  South Dakota, John from Pennsylvania, Frank from New Jersey, Samuel from Minnesota and Laura from Iowa. The one negative was the hotel Hilton that billed me multiple times on my hotel bill. I enjoyed sharing a room with John Gandy! I felt good getting to interact with the other MMS delegates! 

Willingness to speak to local churches near you:   

I will be speaking at my own church, Pilgrim Congregational UCC, and also at Kirkwood UCC on August 11, 2019.  

Find all resolutions in their final form at http://ucceverywhere.org/synod/.

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