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Advent greetings to you!

As we prepare for the birth of God’s love pregnant within creation, I lift up two characters in the gospel of Luke who model Sharing Vital Communion for us: Elizabeth and the Innkeeper and family. Elizabeth saw Mary, rejoiced at God’s love growing within her, and blessed her as created in God’s image. Although the Innkeeper is never mentioned, our Christian midrash imagines the compassion of the Innkeeper, whose business was sold out but couldn’t let this family risk traveling at night and giving birth along a road. Blessing and generosity – this is what Sharing Vital Communion looks like in the Birth story and in our lives today. As you prepare for those who enter your sanctuaries for Christmas eve services, may you prayerfully remember that some who come yearn for the blessing that the new life within them is good and holy. And some who come yearn for the hospitality of sacred space so that the new life of God’s love within them may be born anew. May we be Sharing Vital Communion of God’s love this Advent and Christmas season.


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