• Missouri Mid South Conference UCC

Epiphany blepo

This week as we begin the Epiphany season, I share that the Greek word, blepo, means to see as in literal sight but also to become aware of something much deeper in our spiritual sight. For me, reading the book, White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo has been that blepo moment of becoming aware of the ways racism is perpetuated by those of us who identify as white. I invite everyone to a book study every Thursday at 3 pm starting January 9th to reflect on and discuss this together. You can join the book study by video on your camera, tablet, or computer and you can join by phone (the information is below). I will lead this study with lay people in mind and heart. Ministers are invited to participate but please don’t think that you have to be a minister in order to join. May God’s Truth guide us with Epiphany blepo in our study together. Blessings, Ginny