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Camp MoVal Announcement
on 2021 Rentals and Camps

Update from Conference Council


The Conference Council met in January 2021 to discuss the feasibility of safely opening Camp MoVal for the 2021 camping season. Locally and nationally camps are facing difficult operational decisions and MoVal is no exception.


One of the top priorities of Camp MoVal has always been the health and safety of our campers and staff. We have diligently been tracking the data regarding Covid. Given the continued increase in Covid cases, the slow roll out of the vaccine, and the fact that there is not yet a vaccine available to youth and children, we are deeply concerned about the safety implications of camp. It is our understanding that the emerging Covid variants are an added threat to the well-being of our children and the new strains are more easily transmissible and cause more intense complications to younger people.


To have camp in 2021 would not only pose potential health risks to campers and staff, it also would impose significant financial challenges. The American Camp Association recommends following the CDC guidelines provided for camps, which would be very costly and difficult to follow in our MoVal setting. The CDC guidelines currently state that camps including people from multiple geographic areas (which it defines as community, town, city, or county) are of the highest risk and, even if campers are from the same area, material, such as plastic screens, should be placed between beds and sinks. The costs, both financially and to the experience of camp would be significant and would still not allow us to ensure that we are keeping campers and staff safe and healthy.


In consideration of this, and after much prayer and discussion, it is with a discerning spirit that the Conference Council decided it is in the best interest of our campers, families, and staff that Camp MoVal remain closed in 2021.


May God’s peace be with us in this time,

Conference Council of the Missouri Mid-South Conference

Conference Council Votes on Camp MoVal Task Force Report


Conference Council recently voted to enter a time of listening and discerning the future of Camp MoVal with careful consideration to selling the property.

Thank you for your support and prayers during this time.

Shannondale Outdoor Ministries 2021 Season


We want to share the decisions for Shannondale Outdoor Ministries as well. Rentals on the calendar, as well as rentals with individuals or groups who previously stayed at Shannondale, are welcome to stay at Shannondale for 2021.

These rentals are unique to Shannondale, because units are self-contained and don’t require staff to cook or interact with those who stay there. For the safety and health of the Shannondale community, however, Shannondale will not be accepting rental reservations from new groups or individuals.

Thank you for your support and prayers during this time.