Oral History Project

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the conference, the Heritage Committee has put an oral history project into motion in order to capture the reflections of our members from all across the conference. Our small team of volunteers, however, is unable to travel all around the conference to record those reflections.  You can contribute by recording digital interviews with UCC people from your area and making the recordings available to the Oral History Team.  Don’t forget to record your own comments as well!  Digital video recordings are what we prefer, but digital audio recordings will also be accepted.  The Oral History Team will take care of editing out embarrassing moments, such as “brain freezes” or “senior moments”, sneezes and the like that happen to all of us.

The actual “interviewing” is minimal.  Non-verbal (body language) listening skills are helpful.  The

interviewer will likely be edited out for our purposes.  Ask these two simple questions:

If the subject is relatively new to the conference, ask, “What is your earliest memory of the Missouri Mid-South Conference?” and “Why is the Missouri Mid-South Conference important to you?”
If the subject has been involved with the conference for a number of years, better wording might be, “Tell me about a couple memories of the conference that stand out in your mind” and “What has the conference meant to you over the years?”

Some recording tips:

  • Find a quiet location with good lighting and a background that is not too busy.  Prioritize good sound quality above good visuals.
  • Figure out a way to keep the camera steady (on a tripod or on top of some furniture).
  • Have the interview subject state his or her name and church name at the beginning of the comments.
  • Allow the person to share additional memories on the recording.  People who have been part of the conference for many years may not be able to pick just one little memory to share.  We actually have two different end-products that we are working on.  One involves a short, two-minute video clip to help us get a cross-section of our members from around the conference.  The other involves longer interviews that document the events, relationships and impressions that make up the history of our conference.

Transfer the video to a computer, create a disk to mail to Rev. Doug Kaufman or upload it to YouTube and email Doug the link at torahdude5@gmail.com.   If you need assistance uploading to YouTube, Call Rev. Doug Kaufman at 314-330-0420.  If you choose to mail a disk, send it to Doug at Friedens UCC, 1703 Old Hwy 94 S., St. Charles, MO  63303-3706.

If you have questions about the Oral History Project in general or if you’d like to become part of the Oral History Team, contact Joy Dressel at 636-256-1736.

If you have technical questions about the recordings, contact Rev. Doug Kaufman at 314-330-0420.

Whether you have been active with the Missouri Mid-South Conference for 5 days or the entire 50 years, you ARE a part of this Conference and we want to hear from you!.