Age Friendly Congregations

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Age Friendly Congregations

Your Older Adult Covenanted Ministry is happy to share with you the new CHHSM Curriculum—"Age Friendly Congregations.” Below is an excerpt from Michael Readinger, President and CEO, Council for Health and Human Service Ministries, UCC describing the curriculum “Because many of our CHHSM-ministry organizations serve older adults, we often receive inquiries from individuals and congregations about how best to develop more effective ministries to seniors. The sheer number of such requests, in fact, led several of us to envision this Age-Friendly Congregations resource, to assist you and your congregation in having guided, intentional study, conversation and reflection about how you might strengthen your commitment to serving older adults — and why you should.

Our hope is that, in time, you will consider writing, adopting and sharing your own Age-Friendly Congregations “covenant” — unique and applicable to your culture and setting — that will guide you, in principle, as to the kind of age-friendly congregation you intend to be. The final chapter of this resource offers practical steps to guide you in that aspect of the process.” 

Click Age Friendly Congregations for more details about this new resource.  

To purchase or download click here.  The cost will be $6 to download or $13 for print copy.

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