OCWM (Our church's wider mission)Giving:

Celebrating our Ministries with Your Generosity!

OCWM is…

  • Sunday School lessons for kids.

  • Irrigation pipes in the desert.

  • Military chaplains around the world.

  • Teenagers at summertime church events.

  • A welcome approach to the Gospel.

  • Volunteers ready to build.

  • New pastors for congregations.

  • New ways to worship.

  • Refugees coming home to their new country.

  • Witness for peace on earth.

  • Christians who take the Bible seriously but not literally.

your church does not have to wait until january to give to ocwm!!!

Please ask your Church Treasurer to mail a check to:

Missouri Mid-South Conference

483 East Lockwood Avenue, Suite 15

St. Louis, MO 63119

Our Church's Wider Mission giving funds the work done by the United Church of Christ in the Missouri Mid-South Conference and in the national and global church.  Our Church's Wider Mission funds are invested in programs, resources, and tools needed to keep local United Church of Christ churches strong, effective, and growing.  For the local church, Our Church's Wider Mission funds the pastoral placement process; provides education and resources for church leaders; makes available worship materials and materials for theological interpretation; gives us challenging stewardship and fundraising tools, and so much more.


We cannot say “THANK YOU” often enough or more boldly! 

Missouri Mid-South Conference of the United Church of Christ

483 East Lockwood Avenue, Suite 15, St. Louis, MO 63119

314-962-8740 or 877-877-5884

Fax 314-918-2610



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