2019 General Synod Delegate Summary:

Liz Pace

Resolution #3 addresses the issue of Global Forced Migration. The language of “forced migration” is used purposefully in lieu of “refugees” because the United Nations has a specific definition of “refugee” that leaves out the majority of people who are massively displaced from their homes.  


This resolution affirms that our God is an all-inclusive God and there is much we can do to help our neighbor. It calls upon local churches, the national setting of the UCC, and Congress to work on the global crisis of forced migration. It specifically calls on Global Ministries, the UCC’s 148 Humanitarian and Development Ministries, and the UCC National Collaborative on 149 Immigration to advocate for the rights of displaced persons. 

Summary of your General Synod experience.  

Liz Pace:  General Synod is truly an eye-opening experience: hundreds of delegates and visitors from all over the country and world sacrificing time, sleep, and energy to come together and do the work of the church. The conversations were challenging and meaningful. The worship services were beautiful; the service on Monday evening was one of the most inspiring services I have ever been to. One of the things that sticks with me the most is the feeling of interconnectedness to other UCC people and the realization of how much effort goes into planning a giant event like Synod. There are so many wonderful staff members and volunteers continually devoting themselves to this church. I was honored to partake in my second General Synod.