Compensation & Financial Related Resources
Churches should use these guidelines to develop compensation packages for their pastors:
2021 Clergy Compensation Guidelines
2021 Compensation Table
2022 Clergy Compensation Guidelines
2022 Compensation Table
Churches should use the form below when submitting offerings/money to the Conference:
MMSC Donations Remittance Form, Excel
MMSC Donations Remittance Form, pdf
2016 OCWM Forecasting Appeal Letter
2016 OCWM/Basic Support Form
2016 OCWM/Basic Support Form - fillable on your computer


Gift Acceptance Policy


Investment Policy


Checking and Savings Account Signatures Policy


Funds Disposition Policy


Distribution of Carbon Credits Funds Policy


For information on your UCC pension, medical, dental, life & disability, flexible spending, vision, long-term care, current programs and more, please visit the Pension Boards website.  


Information from the IRS providing proof of status of 501(c)(3)​​:


Miscellaneous Resources

Bylaws of the MMSUCC Conference


The below documents are for CAG New Business.

The Standing Rules 

The Rules for Introduction of New Business at Conference Annual Gatherings


FAQ's Shannondale-Carbon Credits


Rott Foundation Guidelines
Rott Foundation Application

MMSUCC Nomination Form

This form may be used for nominating people to the Conference Council, delegates to General Synod and Conference Deacons.