I was assigned resolution 13 which is titled, "Oversight of the Local Church and its Covenantal Relationship with the Association in Which it Holds Standing as a Local Church of the United Church of Christ." The Constitution and Bylaws of the United Church of Christ are silent on matters of oversight and accountability on the part of Local Churches. It is clear on providing guidance for establishing covenant but silent on how to dissolve a covenantal relationship. There were several issues addressed with this resolution, however, such as how is covenantal relationship defined in light of the autonomy of the local congregation, could it be perceived as punitive in nature, and what guidelines should be developed to guide conferences in this. Some were concerned that this resolution could be used to exclude others and be seen as racial in its intent. It was recognized that this resolution would require a study group and possibly a revision in the Bylaws of the Constitution of the United Church of Christ or the Constitution itself. After much discussion and voicing of concerns the committee voted "no action." 


My General Synod Experience

General Synod was exciting and interesting. I am very glad I was a part of it and had never been before so I appreciate being a voting delegate. It was tiring and yet good to see how resolutions are addressed and voted on. It was also good to see the UCC Polity played out, to participate in worship with 3800 or more people, and to meet lots of UCC people from all over the U.S. Volunteers and conference people worked tirelessly to make sure everyone had what they needed to be comfortable and to participate fully in Synod. Unfortunately, I felt there was too much jammed into the time there and the eagerness to be inclusive and politically correct was often patronizing. The speakers were good and the worship was very good with a lot of preparation involved. I especially appreciated Ginny and Tyler who were vigilant in helping all of us to enjoy Synod and get as much out of it as possible. Thank you both for your care and hard work. I certainly look forward to barbeque in K.C. in 2021. 

Find all resolutions in their final form at http://ucceverywhere.org/synod/.