2020 Christmas Ornament Gift for $25 or more
to Friends of the Conference


In this third week of Advent, we celebrate the Joy that the Spirit of the Lord is upon us and anointing us especially in 2020 through the global pandemics. I am joyful when I see how God continues to anoint each of our churches with the call to serve the forgotten through the pandemics in your community. I am joyful that the Spirit of the Lord continues to be upon the Missouri Mid-South Conference as we support and resource all of you.


Out of our Joy, I introduce a Christmas ornament my husband made with the UCC logo and the Conference name for Christmas 2020. If you give a donation of at least $25, we will send this ornament to you to celebrate the Joy of our ministry together this year!

We welcome you to give more than $25! If you would like your ornament to be sent to someone else (your pastor, a friend who loves the UCC) just let us know and we will send that accordingly.


Let us be joyful that in the midst of a tough year, God is not through with us yet! God continues to inspire the Conference to equip you to Be the Church! Amen!


Blessings, Ginny 

General donations to Friends of the Conference can also be made through the link below.

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