Rev. F. Dale Parson Announces Retirement

Rev. Dale Parson, Associate Conference Minister, 816-257-9826

Dale Parson has served faithfully the MMSUCC for many years as our Associate Conference Minister.  He works from his home in Independence, MO, traveling frequently to work with churches and to meet with the rest of the staff in St. Louis.  He has worked closely with search committees in local congregations for the search and call process, coordinates and helps to plan our CAG and PIM meetings and brings several years of ministerial experience to our staff.





Rev. F. Dale Parson announced his retirement at the 2017 Conference Annual Gathering

An exerpt from Dale's Retirement Letter . . . 


In July 1996, I began my ministry as Associate Conference Minister of the Missouri Conference (now the Missouri Mid-South Conference.) My call was extended by the Conference and it has been an immensely rich and rewarding (and sometimes, challenging!) ministry for the past twenty-one years. During this time, I have had opportunity to serve with three called Conference Ministers, three interim Conference Ministers and at least eight Associate Conference Ministers (called and transitional). In addition, there have been three directors of outdoor ministries and at least fifteen support staff! 

I am deeply and humbly grateful for this opportunity to serve with you in the life of the Conference! There have been so many "seasons" in our life together-seasons of change and challenge, seasons of celebration and joy, seasons of disappointment and loss. It is true: "For everything there is a season." 

And this is the season for me to take my leave and say farewell. My call agreement includes a 90-day time of notification. Leaders of the Conference will discuss with me these days of closure and leave-taking.  


Click here for a complete copy of Dale's Retirement Letter.

Rev. F. Dale Parson Farewell Thank You

“I thank the Missouri Mid-South Conference, its members and friends, for the love, kindness and support shown me these last twenty years.” 

These words begin the “ending an authorized ministry” liturgy from the United Church of Christ Book of Worship.  These words have been echoing through heart and mind as I have pondered the gatherings that provided opportunities to say farewell and bring to a close my time with the Conference.  It has been heart-warming to read again the many cards and expressions of love and support.  The photographs and videos are wonderful reminders of the occasion.  The many gifts give witness to the generosity and graciousness of individuals and congregations with whom I have shared in ministry.  Click here for more of Dale's Farewell Thank you.

































"On July 1, while we were at General Synod, Dale began his 22nd year as

Associate Conference Minister for the Missouri Mid-south Conference. 

June 25 was the 39th Anniversary of his ordination. All the events of this past week were just a little bittersweet... 

As three weeks ago Dale had announced his retirement. I was very touched,

throughout Synod by the words of appreciation and affection shared by so many. 

Thank you to moderator David Mehl who honored Dale from the floor of Synod during speak outs and
Ginny Brown Daniel who presented us with a lovely gift and all the members of the delegation including visitors.

To those friends who had not heard of Dale's retirement plans, the conference is holding a farewell celebration August 26 at Columbia UCC. His last official day with the conference will be September 9."

- Debra Harmon Parson

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