OCWM (Our church's wider mission)Giving:

Celebrating our Ministries with Your Generosity!

OCWM is…

  • Sunday School lessons for kids.

  • Irrigation pipes in the desert.

  • Military chaplains around the world.

  • Teenagers at summertime church events.

  • A welcome approach to the Gospel.

  • Volunteers ready to build.

  • New pastors for congregations.

  • New ways to worship.

  • Refugees coming home to their new country.

  • Witness for peace on earth.

  • Christians who take the Bible seriously but not literally.



your church does not have to wait until january to give to ocwm!!!

Please ask your Church Treasurer to mail a check to:

Missouri Mid-South Conference

483 East Lockwood Avenue, Suite 15

St. Louis, MO 63119

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