Did you know that Thursday is when the most people open the eCourier? We discovered this as we researched the open rates for the eCourier in 2019. Because of this, we are changing our eCourier delivery from Tuesdays to Thursdays at 2 pm. Starting Thursday, January 16, you can expect the eCourier in your inbox on Thursdays at 2 pm! The following is the deadline to submit an article for future eCouriers


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eCourier submission process


eCourier submissions received by 5 p.m. on Monday will be published in the weekly Thursday newsletter. 


Please remember to include your church/organization name, address, phone number, website, story or event description and any other information applicable or pertinent to the story or event.  

If you wish to share detailed information, or photos, regarding your story or event, you can upload a file (Word/PDF document) or image (JPG/GIF) as a part of your submission and a link to the file will be included in the event or story description. 

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