2015 Conference Annual Gathering    June 4-6, 2015    Columbia, MO

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Our theme is "Rebuild, Restore, Renew" 



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Date:  Thursday, June 4 to Saturday, June 6, 2015
Location:  The Holiday Inn Executive Center, Columbia MO


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Regular-priced registration ended on Friday, May 22


The registration deadline was Tuesday, May 26.  Please contact the Conference office if you have questions regarding registration.



, 2015 Conference Annual Gathering Materials:

As reports, budgets and other information are posted here, please print and bring with you to Columbia or use your laptop, tablet or smartphone to access the documents while at the meeting.  The hotel does have WiFi.


Each document posted below indicates the date of when it was originally shared on the website and all are saved in pdf or Word formats.  Black lettering indicates the document has not been completed and is not yet available; blue lettering indicates a link which you can click on to view/print the information.  Several documents may be revised, so please check back often prior to CAG, especially if you plan to print the materials. 


If you do not have Adobe Reader, which will allow you to access pdf documents, download Adobe Acrobat Reader software here.


Section A - Introduction

Table of Contents, 5/30/15

A-1, CAG Schedule, 5/11/15

A-2, Business Meetings Agenda, (5/11/15), REVISED, 5/22/15

A-3, Description of Roles for Delegates/Young Leader Delegates, 5/11/15

A-4, 2014 CAG Minutes, 5/11/15

A-11, ByLaws of the MMSUCC, 5/11/15

A-20, Workshop Descriptions, 5/29/15

A-21, Bios - Workshop and Bible Study Leaders, 5/29/15

A-24, CAG Keynote Speaker, Yvette Flunder, 5/30/15

A-25, CAG Room Assignments at Holiday Inn, 5/30/15

CAG Rules for the Introduction of New Business, 6/3/15

Proposed Standing Rules, 6/3/15


Section B - Finances

B-1, Treasurer's Report, 5/9/15

B-7, 2016 Narrative Budget Report, 5/9/15

B-22, 2014 Pyramid of Giving to OCWM Report, 5/11/15

B-26, 2014 5 for 5 Special Report, 5/11/15


Section C - Reports

C-1, Acting Conference Minister Report, 5/7/15

C-3, Conference Council Moderator Report, 5/7/5

C-5, Finance & Administration Report, 5/7/15

C-6, Leadership Development Committee Report, 5/7/15

C-8, Conference Deacon Covenanted Ministry Report, 5/7/15

C-9, Committee on Ministry Covenanted Ministry Report, 5/7/15

C-11, Local Church Ministries Report, 5/7/15

C-12, Church Vitality Team Covenanted Ministry, 5/715

C-13, Outdoor Ministry - Camp MoVal Report, 5/7/15

C-15, OCWM Covenanted Ministry, 5/7/15

C-16, Justice and Witness Covenanted Ministry Report, 5/7/15

C-17, Resolution for Submission - Abolishing the Death Penalty, 5/7/15

C-19, Shannondale Community Center Report, 5/9/15

C-20, Youth Ministry Covenanted Ministry Team Report, 5/9/15

C-21, Conference Vision Team Report, 5/9/15  - Please watch video

C-22, Wider Church Ministry Report, 5/15/15

C-23, Current Conference Council Roster, 5/15/15 

C-24, 2018 Conference Council Candidate Slate, 5/15/15

The Vision Team - Contextual Analysis/Future Story/Strategic Plan, 5/28/15 - NOTE:  This report is 43 pages. 


Section D - Clergy & Churches

D-1, Clergy Necrology Report, 5/7/15

C-2, Clergy Anniversaries 5-20 Years, 5/7/15

C-3, Clergy Anniversaries 25-40 Years, 5/7/15

D-6, Honored Statespersons 50 Years, 5/7/15

D-12, Clergy Anniveraries 55-65 Years, 5/7/15

C-14, Holy Trinity Community Church UCC - 25 Years, 5/7/15

C-15, Christ Church (Maplewood) UCC - 125 Years, 5/7/15

C-17, St. Peter's UCC - 150 Years, 5/7/15


Section E - Miscellaneous

Holiday Inn Facilities Map

"Our Future Story" Video