2019 General Synod Delegate Summary:

Christi Tennyson

Committee 2 Prudential Resolution (IEUPR), For 15 years (from 1990-2006), the Iglesia Evangelica Unide de Puerto Rico was the Puerto Rico conference of the UCC. The IEUPR voted in 2006 to become an autonomous church and thus split from the UCC. Despite the split, the UCC and IEUPR had an ongoing relationship through Ryder Hospital and Global Ministries. In 2012, conversation with the UCC began about reestablishing an ecumenical relationship. The resolution authored by Karen Georgia Thompson and approved by Synod creates a UCC committee to collaborate with a committee (already formed by IEUPR) to explore how to deepen our relationship while still maintaining the autonomy of each church body. 

Committee 2 Witness Resolution (Interfaith), Recognizing that Jesus’s call to love our neighbor means to love ALL of our neighbors, no matter what their religion, this witness resolution seeks to reaffirm our commitment to all communities of faith. It reaffirms our commitment to interfaith relationships and calls on us to continue to seek both dialogue and relationship with those outside of the Christian faith while deploring and denouncing acts of hate done in the name of religion. This resolution was approved by Synod. 

Summary of my General Synod experience

Milwaukee was not an easy Synod—there was controversy, there was discontent, there was spirited debate, hurt feelings, anger, and resentment. The days were long and I was not nearly caffeinated enough. Yet within those long days, mere acquaintances became friends.  Colleagues offered unwavering support. And we all soldiered on, understanding that hard decisions are simply part of doing the work of the church. Synod worship was a balm to weary souls and a sensory delight! It was my honor to serve the conference in this capacity.

Find all resolutions in their final form at http://ucceverywhere.org/synod/.