What are other conferences doing?

Kansas Oklahoma

The KS-OK Conference has gone to a 3 year cycle in its Boundary Training events

Years 1-3 Basic Boundary Training will be offered

Years 4-6 Cultural Competency training will be provided

Years 7-9 Training will focus on racial justice

Maine Conference

  1. Several different modules  are offered in 2018:

  2. "Ready, "Set, NO: Setting Limits and Doing Better at Self-Care"

  3. "Boundary Awareness in the Digital Age"

  4. "The Oxymoron of Boundaries in Rural Communities"

  5. "Lettin Go" Observing Boundaries in New Ministry Setting/Retirement"

  6. Everyday Boundaries" (conflicts between roles as family member, personal relationships and The Pastoral role)

  7. "Back to Basics" (the overview of Boundary Awareness"

Southern California-Nevada

So Cal-NV has replaced the 8 hour one day training with modules of 4 hours each.

All ministers are required to take a 4 hour module on Sexual Ethics and then may chose to complete the 8 hour requirement with another 4 hour module, such as:

  1. Financial Ethics

  2. Ethics for Active Retired Clergy

  3. Ethics in Interreligious and Ecumenical Relations

  4. Ethics of Social Networking

The boundary issues and/or ethics involved in this digital age have been addressed by MESA in their publication found at Social Media & Boundaries -