A Resolution of Witness Calling upon the United Church of Christ Board to Bring Bylaws Revisions that include Non-Binary Gender Language - Resolution Passed.  This resolution called for the UCC Board to review our bylaws and to bring a bylaws revision to General Synod 33 that would use expansive and inclusive language, rather than gender binary language, to outline the requirements for representation for Synod delegations and the UCC Board.  

Summary of my General Synod experience.  

General Synod was, at various times, both a wonderful and challenging experience. It was eye opening, life giving, and sometimes heartbreaking to hear about and witness the direct impact that the decisions made at Synod have on our local churches and on individuals. My favorite part though was building new and deeper relationships with the people from Missouri Mid-South Conference, and especially folks from other Associations, whom I don’t have the opportunity to see as often. I look forward to the continued ministry that we will engage in together and continuing to build on these new friendships! 

Willingness to speak to local churches near you:   

I am more than happy to go to churches and speak whenever I am able to (meaning it does not conflict with worship/Bible study schedule).  

Find all resolutions in their final form at http://ucceverywhere.org/synod/.