Covenant. Connection. Communication.

The three "C's" of the Ambassadors.


Being in covenant with other churches in the United Church of Christ, the Ambassador works to maintain and enhance the covenant that exists between local churches and the conference. Building connections happens between churches and the conference as the Ambassador is present and shares with the church about other churches and conference. Communication is central to the work of the Ambassador, both in sharing what is happening in the life of the conference to the church and what is happening in the church to the conference. The Ambassadors serve as communicator connectors in building the covenantal relationship between the local church and the conference.


All of the Ambassadors visit about 2 or 3 local churches in worship, sharing in a mission moment style, what is happening in the conference, association and other local UCC churches. Many of them attend special events, like special events and worship services. They stay connected to the local churches they serve as an Ambassador by receiving newsletters and other communication. 


Click here to view or download the report form used during visits to learn more about the local church.

Currently, there are 23 Ambassadors

who have made 35 visits to local UCC churches since June 2017.

More Ambassadors are needed.

If you love to build covenant relationships, enjoy communicating the good work of the church and conference, and passionate about stronger connections in the United Church of Christ, consider being a part of vibrant Covenantal Ministry of the Ambassadors.

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Email Rev. Andrea Asselmeier at if you are interested.