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The Missouri Mid-South Conference has churches in Missouri, Arkansas, and Memphis, Tennessee.  Churches are listed below in alphabetical order by location.  To see just the churches in a single association, visit the individual Association pages.


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St. Louis Association


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Churches within the Missouri Mid-South Conference, listed by state & city:

Little Rock  |  Faith UCC
Springdale  |  Bethel Heights Marshallese UCC
Springdale  |  Marshallese UCC

Affton  |  Eden UCC

Arnold  |  St. Mark UCC
Augusta  |  Bethany UCC (Schluersburg)
Augusta  |  Ebenezer UCC
Augusta  |  Femme Osage UCC
Bay  |  Zion-St. Paul UCC (near Hermann)
Beaufort, St. Jordan's UCC (Jeffriesburg

Bem  |  St. John’s UCC
Berger  |  Bethany UCC
Berger  |  St. Johns UCC
Bevier  |  United Church of Bevier
Billings  |  St. Peters Evangelical UCC
Blackburn  |  St. Paul’s Church UCC
Bland  |  St. Pauls UCC (Cooper Hill)
Bonne Terre  |  First Congregational UCC
Boonville  |  Evangelical UCC
Boonville  |  St. Johns UCC (Billingsville)
California  |  Salem UCC
California  |  California UCC
Cape Girardeau  |  Christ Evangelical UCC
Catawissa  |  Catawissa Union Church UCC
Chamois  |  St. Johns UCC
Chesterfield  |  Ivy Chapel UCC
Chesterfield  |  St. Johns UCC
Chesterfield  |  St. Thomas UCC
Columbia  |  Columbia UCC
Concordia  |  Bethel UCC
Cosby  |  Hope UCC
Dawn  |  Federated UCC
Deepwater  |  Valley Center UCC
Defiance  |  St. Pauls UCC
DeSoto  |  Hope UCC
Dittmer  |  St. Martin’s UCC
Emma  |  St. John UCC
Florence  |  St. John UCC
Florissant  |  Church of the Master UCC
Florissant  |  Christ the King UCC
Florissant  |  Zion UCC
Foristell  |  St. Johns UCC (Cappeln)
Fulton  |  United Church of Christ of Fulton
Gerald  |  Ebenezer “Stone” Church UCC
Gerald  |  St. Pauls UCC
Grandin  |  First Congregational UCC
Grand Pass  |  St. Luke UCC
Hamilton  |  Hamilton Federated UCC
Hartsburg  |  Peace UCC
Hermann  |  St. John UCC (Stolpe)
Hermann  |  St. Paul's UCC
Higginsville  |  Salem UCC
High Hill  |  St. Johns UCC
High Ridge  |  St. Martin UCC
Holstein  |  Immanuels UCC (Holstein)
Iberia  |  Iberia Congregational UCC
Imperial  |  St. Luke’s UCC
Independence  |  Congregational Christian Church of Samoa UCC
Independence  |  St. Lukes UCC
Jackson  |  Emanuel UCC
Jackson  |  St. James UCC (Tilsit)
Jackson  |  St. Johns UCC (Fruitland)
Jefferson City  |  Friedens UCC (Brazito)
Jefferson City  |  Central UCC
Jeffriesburg  |  St. Jordan’s UCC
Joplin  |  UCC Family Fellowship
Kansas City  |  Bethel UCC
Kansas City  |  Country Club Congregational UCC
Kansas City  |  St. Peters UCC
Labadie  |  Pilgrim UCC
Lebanon  |  First Congregational UCC
Leslie  |  St. John UCC (Casco)

Levasy  |  Ebenezer UCC
Lexington  |  Trinity UCC
Linn, Ebenezer UCC (Ryors)

Manchester  |  St. John UCC
Maplewood  |  Christ Church UCC
Marthasville  |  St. Pauls UCC
Mayview  |  Zion UCC
Morrison  |  St. James UCC
Moscow Mills  |  Friedens UCC
Mount Vernon  |  Zion UCC
New Cambria  |  United Church of New Cambria
New Franklin  |  Immanuel UCC
New Haven  |  St. Peters UCC
New Melle  |  Friedens (Peace) UCC
Oakfield  |  Zion UCC (Oakfield)
O’Fallon  |  Grace UCC
Old Monroe  |  St. Paul UCC
Owensville  |  St. James UCC (Charlotte)

Owensville | St. John's UCC (Bem)
Owensville  |  St. Peter’s UCC

Pacific, Zion UCC (Oakfield)
Pershing  |  Zion-St. Peter UCC
Pierce City  |  First Congregational UCC
Pinckney  |  St. Johns UCC (Pinckney)
Poplar Bluff  |  New Life Christian United
Raytown  |  Ivanhoe UCC
Raytown  |  Southwood UCC
Rockville  |  Faith UCC
Ryors  |  Ebenezer UCC

Salem, Shannondale UCC
St. Charles  |  Friedens UCC
St. Charles  |  Good Shepherd UCC
St. Charles  |  St. John UCC
St. Charles  |  St. John’s UCC

St. Clair | First Congregational UCC
St. Clair  |  St. John UCC
St. Joseph  |  Zion UCC
St. Louis  |  Bethany Peace UCC
St. Louis  |  Calvary UCC
St. Louis  |  Carondelet UCC

St. Louis  |  Epiphany UCC
St. Louis  |  First Congregational UCC
St. Louis  |  First Congregational UCC

St. Louis  |  Glory to Glory Christian Church, United Church of Christ

St. Louis  |  Grace UCC
St. Louis  |  Hope UCC
St. Louis  |  Immanuel Congregational UCC
St. Louis  |  Immanuel UCC (Ferguson)
St. Louis  |  Kirkwood UCC
St. Louis  |  Parkway UCC
St. Louis  |  Peace UCC

St. Louis  |  Pilgrim Congregational UCC
St. Louis  |  Prince of Peace UCC
St. Louis  |  St. Johns UCC
St. Louis  |  St. Johns Evangelical UCC
St. Louis  |  St. Lucas UCC
St. Louis  |  St. Marcus UCC
St. Louis  |  St. Paul UCC
St. Louis  |  St. Paul’s UCC
St. Louis  |  St. Peters Evangelical UCC
St. Louis  |  St. Philips UCC
St. Louis  |  St. Stephen UCC
St. Louis  |  Samuel UCC
St. Louis  |  Trinity UCC
Sedalia  |  Immanuel UCC
Shannon County  |  Shannondale UCC
Springfield  |  St. Johns Chapel UCC
Springfield  |  St. Johns UCC
Troy  |  Zion UCC
Union  |  Zion UCC
Warrenton  |  Friedens UCC
Washington  |  St. Johns Mantels UCC
Washington  |  St. Peter’s UCC
Weaubleau  |  Congregational Christian UCC
Weldon Spring  |  Emmanuel UCC (Weldon Spring)
Wentzville  |  Faith UCC
Wright City  |  Immanuel UCC

Memphis  |  First Congregational UCC
Memphis  |  Second Congregational UCC
Memphis  |  Holy Trinity Community Church UCC

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