2021 General Synod Delegate Summary:
Jimmy Watson

Watson, Jimmy.JPG

General Synod 33 marks the third time I have served as a delegate. I first served in 2005 (Atlanta) and 2007 (Hartford). The most exciting memories I have of those two previous Synods are the vote to affirm same-gender marriage (2005) and the speech by a young Senator named Barack Obama (2007). What will be the one thing I remember most when I look back on this year’s General Synod?

Many things come to mind, such as the insightful keynote speakers, the inspiring preaching and worship, the spirited discussion in committee work and plenary sessions, the edgy ethos of our denomination, and our desire to “live into” our progressive ideals. If I ever forget how “outrageously courageous” the United Church of Christ is, the denomination I chose to journey with as a young man, all I need to do is tune in to a General Synod.

And, well, that’s exactly how most of us will remember this General Synod—the one we “tuned in” to. People will have many discussions about whether the Spirit was moving at this year’s virtual Synod. I say yes, but she had to work a little harder with evolving communication technology. But that’s how she rolls.