2021 General Synod Delegate Summary:
Ron Hill

This Synod 33 was different from Synod 32 the last in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. First, it was not in person, second, I didn’t have to rent a car and travel and third I didn’t share a room with someone.

It did offer new resolutions, a different committee assignment and new keynote speakers. I would like to share some of the things offered in the workshops, keynote speakers and plenaries that impacted me. I would like to do this in bullet points for your thoughts and considerations…..

  • Do you live a sustainable life? At home? At your work? In your church? How do you define sustainability?

  • Surviving and fear are linked.

  • Difference is not the opposite of oneness.

  • Dignity for all and all are worthy.

  • It is important to listen to the stories of others and it is important to share your own story.

  • If you reduce your shower time by one minute many billions of  tons of water could be saved.

  • Remember that the land you occupy once belonged to native indigenous people. In Missouri, it was primarily the Osage. In Arkansas Caddo Nation, Quapaw and the Osage. In Tennessee, it was primarily the Cherokee but also the Muscogee (Creek), Yuchi,  Choctaw,  Shawnee, and Seneca.

  • The struggle of the people and the struggle of the earth are One!


This resolution urges the UCC to promote gender safety, to empower women, transgender, gender-expansive, nonbinary, genderqueer, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, and two-spirit persons (hereinafter referred to as “Included Persons”), both lay and authorized ministers, and to raise issues regarding sexism and discrimination, reinforcing the covenants and standards of behavior which bind us together as conferences, associations, congregations, authorized ministers, lay leaders and members of the Church.

We spent time in discernment, crafting terminology and clarification of thought to address this resolution in faith. It was a great opportunity to participate and affirm the United Church of Christ.  IT PASSED!!!


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