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Welcome to the Missouri

Mid-South Conference

The Missouri Mid-South Conference is the collection of 139 local congregations in the United Church of Christ denomination.  We cover the geographic region of Missouri, Arkansas, and Memphis, TN.  Within these congregations are more than 48,500 members.​ 

The United Church of Christ is just that — a united church —  which means our 5,287 churches across the country are as diverse as the country as a whole, and we encompass a broad spectrum of beliefs, values and worldviews under the umbrella of a united church. To manage our many autonomous congregations, the UCC is divided into 38 conferences.

Medical Debt Initiative Success!!
Many thanks to our churches that contributed to our Medical Debt Relief efforts:  


                                 Brentwood Congregational UCC, Brentwood MO          St. Johns Evangelical UCC, St. Louis MO

                                 Calvary UCC, St. Louis MO                                                  St. Johns Bem UCC, Owensville MO

                                 Faith UCC, Wentzville MO                                                   St. Johns UCC , Chesterfield MO

                                 First Congregational UCC, Memphis TN                           St. Paul UCC, Hermann MO

                                 First Congregational UCC, St. Louis MO                           St. Pauls UCC, St. Louis MO

                                 Grace UCC, St. Louis MO                                                    St. Peters UCC, Owensville MO

                                 Grape Country Cluster of UCC Congregations               St. Peters UCC, Washington MO

                                 Mount Tabor UCC, St. Louis MO                                       St. Philips UCC, St. Louis MO

                                 St. John Casco UCC, Leslie MO                                          The Oasis UCC, Jefferson City MO

                                 St. John UCC, Manchester MO                                           United Church Funds

                                                                                              Zion UCC, Mayview MO

Through their generous gifts, we have been able to eliminate medical debt for many!

This campaign has purchased and forgiven the medical debt of 2,950 households across Arkansas and Tennessee, for a total of $3,911,172.62!!

Our press conference announcing this medical debt forgiveness can be viewed below:

Read the UCC National article:  

ucc med debt buys now top $75 million

Stole Project


The MMS Conference Stole Project needs your help!

We are looking for people to either make or donate stoles for Conference Staff to give to our clergy who become ordained or installed in new church settings. When presented to the clergy, these stoles represent our collective prayers, support and blessings for each pastor as they wear them for worship, public protest and being alongside of those who are transitioning through death. We have been blessed over the years by all who have stepped up to make this project a success. If you are able and willing to make or donate a stole, please contact the Conference Office for more information.  A stole pattern is available for download here or to be mailed or emailed to those who wish to make a stole for donation. You can select a fabric or collection of fabrics to make the stole and send or bring it to the Conference Office when it is finished.


Whether handmade or a donation of an existing stole, we love to know who made them and which church you are part of so that we can share that story when we present them as gifts to clergy, so please include that information with your donation!  Thank you!


May We All Be One through our efforts of love and support. 



Home School

Virtual Sunday School is available as a resource to all. Each video has a Bible story lesson, craft, and music. You are invited to use as much or as little of these videos as you need. May God’s love and blessings be with your children and families as you engage with these videos.

Click the image above to navigate to our Virtual Sunday School Resource page, where you will find the video playlist embedded on this site. You can navigate through the playlist and select which video to watch by clicking in the upper right corner. You also can find the videos on our YouTube Channel.

MMSC in the News in 2021

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MMSC in the News in 2020

Fox2 Now St. Louis
 United Church of Christ wipes out medical debt
for more than 11K St. Louisans.

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 Urban League, church, municipalities partner

to feed shut-in North County residents

in response to COVID-19.


St. Louis churches buy up $12.9 million

in medical debt, then give it away.

St. Louis American Newspaper

 Church groups, Deaconess Foundation work together to eliminate medical debt

for more than 11,000 area families.

St. Louis Business Journal

 Donations wipe away $13M in medical debt

for St. Louis families.