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The Missouri Mid-South Conference is the collection of 139 local congregations in the United Church of Christ denomination.  We cover the geographic region of Missouri, Arkansas, and Memphis, TN.  Within these congregations are over 48,500 members.​ 


The United Church of Christ is just that—a united church. That means our 5,287 churches across the country are as diverse as the country as a whole, and we encompass a broad spectrum of beliefs, values and worldviews under the umbrella of a united church. To manage our many autonomous congregations, the UCC is divided into 38 conferences.

Help the MMS Arkansas Marshallese Community Fight COVID-19

Your Church can support the Marshallese UCC churches of our Conference in 2 ways:


Mission Opportunity

  • Send money to the Conference to be used to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) masks in bulk for the Marshallese community (please put in the memo line – Marshallese pandemic support)


Advocacy Opportunity

  • Contact Tyson representatives and demand that their provide quarantine pay: https://www.tysonfoods.com/contact-us

  • Sign the MoveOn Petition to demand Tyson provide paid sick leave to plant workers with COVID-19 at MoveOn Petition Tyson COVID-19 employee pay

Learn more about the Arkansas Marshallese community at 


MMS Micro-grant Fund Offers Relief to Congregations

As the churches of our conference begin the process of discerning how to move forward in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Missouri Mid-South Conference has established a COVID-19 micro-grant fund in the amount of fifty-five thousand dollars ($55,000). The purpose of this grant is to allow our congregations to dream and discern ways and opportunities in which to improve and enhance ministry within their congregations and community.  


The grant committee, consisting of clergy and laity from various parts of the conference determined that we would not name specifics of how the funds might be used, or what the funds might be used for. Rather, we invite you to dream and vision how these funds would best be used in a congregation’s ministry context.  


Learn more about how to access these grants here.

The opportunity to give is not over! You can write a check to the Missouri Mid-South Conference or  donate here.

MMS In The News

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 United Church of Christ wipes out medical debt for over 11K St. Louisans


Black pastors demand action to combat disproportionately high COVID-19 death rates in urban communities

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St. Louis churches buy up $12.9 million in medical debt, then give it away

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 Donations wipe away $13M in medical debt for
St. Louis families than 11,000 area families

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 Urban League, church, munis partner to feed shut-in North County residents in response to COVID-19

St. Louis American Newspaper

 Church groups, Deaconess Foundation work together to eliminate medical debt for more than 11,000 area families

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